Are you an ugly putter? Or just hideous off the tee? Maybe you’d just like to spend less time in the sand and more on the green? If you’re looking to beautify your game at all, one-on-one instruction at Ugly Putters can be a key factor in achieving your golf dreams.

Not only are we aces at ensuring a fun and memorable experience for all of our guests, but we’re simply just golfers at heart, too. With PGA-level instructors on-hand for personal guidance, we put the fair back in your fairway. We put the T in your putt. We put.. Too far? We know — but stay with us here.

By digitally tracking and analyzing your stance and swing, our team can help you make those adjustments that will get you more yards off the tee, stay out of the woods, and find the bottom of the cup sooner. We offer lessons to a broad spectrum of clientele. From avid golfers who really want to push towards the next level, to young children and elderly citizens who have never swung a golf club in their life, we ensure patience and consistency to progress your game at any level. We strive (and drive) to be the region’s choice for an elite indoor golf experience.

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